Results: Tracking the Presidential race, local wins and losses

While election results are counted in Florida, many other states continue to count votes.

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Florida was called on Tuesday evening with President Donald J. Trump as the winner. He received 29 electoral votes in the state. 

“It’s official: Florida is still Trump country,” said his Florida campaign spokesperson, Emma Vaughn. “Florida has once again delivered its 29 electoral votes for President Trump and is ready for Four More Years.” 

Floridians turned out in huge numbers at the polls Tuesday to weigh in on the presidential race, several proposed constitutional amendments, as well as to decide who to send to Congress and the statehouse.

Significant election wins in Florida include:


Amendments 1, 2, 5, and 6 passed. Amendment 3 and 4 were rejected.

  • Amendment 1 passed: Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida Elections Under Amendment 1, the state constitution will change the language in the state constitution to say the “only a citizen” of the United States would be allowed to vote in Florida. For more information on Amendment 1, click HERE.
  • Amendment 2 passed: Raising Florida's Minimum Wage Under Amendment 2, Florida voters decided to raise the minimum wage from $8.56 to $15 by 2026.  For more information on Amendment 2, click HERE.
  • Amendment 5 passed: Limitation on Homestead Assessments Amendment 5 extends the window of time that Florida homeowners have to transfer a Save Our Homes tax benefit from two to three years when moving to a new residence.  For more information on Amendment 5, click HERE.
  • Amendment 6 passed: Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Spouses of Certain Deceased Veterans who had Permanent, Combat-related Disabilities Amendment 6 will allow for homestead property tax discounts for deceased veterans with combat-related disabilities to carry over to a veteran’s surviving spouse until that spouse remarries or sells the property.  Click here to find out more. For more information on Amendment 6, click HERE.
  • Amendment 3 rejected: All Voters Vote in Primary Elections for State Offices Under Amendment 3, registered voters in Florida would be allowed to cast ballots in primary elections regardless of party affiliation. The two candidates getting the most votes in each primary would advance to the general election. For more information on Amendment 3, click HERE.
  • Amendment 4 rejected: Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments Amendment 4 would require any amendment to be approved in two separate elections before it could be written into the constitution. Approval of 60 percent of the electorate would be needed each time. For more information on Amendment 4, click HERE.


Republicans further cemented their control of the Florida House on Tuesday, knocking off three incumbent Democrats and picking up open seats. However, in Central Florida, several Democrats were re-elected.


Many established Central Florida sheriffs were re-elected but in Osceola County, voters elected their first Latino sheriff. 



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