Oath Keepers trial: 'Armed rebellion' plan, prosecutor says

The founder of the Oath Keepers extremist group and four associates planned for an "armed rebellion" to stop the transfer of presidential power on Jan. 6, 2021, prosecutors told jurors Monday at the opening of the most serious case to reach trial yet in the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Supreme Court rejects bump stock ban cases

The Supreme Court says it won't take up two cases that involved challenges to a ban enacted during the Trump administration on bump stocks, the gun attachments that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire rapidly like machine guns.

Senators push new oversight to combat federal prison crises

The Federal Prison Oversight Act would require the Justice Department to create a prisons' ombudsman to field complaints about prison conditions, and would compel the department’s inspector general to evaluate risks and abuses at all 122 federal prison facilities.

Biden keeps US target for refugee admissions at 125,000

President Joe Biden on Tuesday kept the nation’s cap on refugee admissions at 125,000 for the 2023 budget year, despite pressure from advocates to raise it even higher to meet the need after falling far short of that target this year.

Florida General Election: Important dates, deadlines for voting

Voting is underway in the Nov. 8 general election in Florida. After the first vote-by-mail ballots were sent to people in the military and overseas, the state Division of Elections reported Friday that 83 ballots had been cast, including 53 by people registered in Monroe County.