Trump threatens Twitter over fact checks: What's next?

Twitter has taken the unprecedented step of adding fact-check warnings to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets that falsely called mail-in ballots “substantially fraudulent” and predicted a “Rigged Election.”

RNC to Florida?

After President Trump threatened to relocate this summer's Republican National Convention, Gov. Ron DeSantis said he thinks Florida could be a perfect alternative to North Carolina.

DeSantis says relocate RNC to Florida

President Donald Trump has threatened to move this summer's Republican National Convention from North Carolina if the state's Democratic governor doesn't ease crowd restrictions. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he would welcome the RNC to the Sunshine State.

Poll worker shortage of Lake County

There is a shortage of poll workers in Lake County. Supervisor of Elections Alan Hays says a majority of the workers are ages 60 and older, a group highly susceptible to the coronavirus.

US says it's pulling out of Open Skies surveillance treaty

The Trump administration notified international partners on Thursday that it is pulling out of a treaty that permits 30-plus nations to conduct unarmed, observation flights over each other’s territory — overflights set up decades ago to promote trust and avert conflict.

Largest yet: $1.3 billion contract awarded for border wall

Trump has promised to build 450 miles of wall along the border with Mexico by the end of the year. So far, the government has awarded millions of dollars in contracts for construction of 30-foot-tall barriers, along with new lighting, technology, and infrastructure. The Trump administration says it has already built 187 miles of wall. Some of it is new, but most is replacing old, much shorter barriers that officials say were not sufficient.