Florida Highwaymen art exhibit explores artists personal reflections

The Florida Highwaymen are known for their beautiful paintings of landscapes. The group of 26 African American artists got their start in the 1960s in Ft. Pierce during segregation. Because they were Black, they were not allowed to display their paintings in art galleries.

Tree falls in Maitland neighborhood

A large tree fell during a storm that came through a Maitland neighborhood, Monday evening. People living there say it was one of the few trees left standing after Hurricane Charley in 2004.

Maitland man with Down syndrome proves dreams can still come true

The first man with Down syndrome to win an Ironman triathlon is getting lots of attention and offers in his hometown of Maitland. When Chris Nikic finished the Ironman competition last year, the 21-year-old crossed into a new world, one filled with big opportunities.

Staged for success

Systematic Home Staging is now the largest home staging company in the United States, started by a Central Florida teenager with the money he had from selling his dog walking business.