Everything to see, do and explore at Sholom Park

Find peace and explore nature at Sholom Park in Ocala, Florida, which is home to two miles of trails, 100 species of plants and trees, two ponds, and 36 olive trees. FOX 35's David Martin shows you around this private park designed to help you find peace.

FL man shoots gator attacking dog • 4 dead after planes collide in FL • FL Hibachi restaurant explosion

A Florida man shot an alligator who attacked his dog in their backyard, four people are dead after two planes collide over Lake Hartridge in Winter Haven, a teen was shot in the legs at an Orlando Sonic restaurant, two people were burned after an explosion at a Florida Hibachi restaurant, and a Florida man is accused of killing his girlfriend, burning her body, and trying to bury her: Here is FOX 35's Week in Review.