NASA moon rocket back in hangar as Ian approaches Cape Canaveral

NASA’s moon rocket returned to the safety of its hangar Tuesday as Hurricane Ian approached Florida. Early Thursday morning, the National Hurricane Center adjusted the path for Hurricane Ian, shifting the storm just to the north of Kennedy Space Center. The hurricane was expected to be downgraded to a strong tropical storm before emerging over the Atlantic Ocean.

NASA team to replace seal that prompted scrub of Artemis I launch

NASA’s new moon rocket sprang another dangerous fuel leak Saturday. While mission managers decided to haul the rocket off the pad and into the hangar for further repairs and system updates, some of the work and testing may be performed at the pad before the rocket is moved.

What does the Artemis symbol mean?

Artemis, named after the twin sister of Apollo, is known in Greek mythology as the Goddess of the Moon and the hunt. NASA has said that the name encompasses all its efforts to return humans to the Moon and eventually onto Mars.