NASA Artemis 1 live updates: Historic moon mission launches to space from Florida Space Coast

Watch Artemis I launch from Cape Canaveral en route to deep space and the moon in the video player above.

All eyes are on NASA and the Florida Space Coast, where work is underway to hopefully launch Artemis I from Kennedy Space Center. Artemis I – an uncrewed test flight – is expected to fly into deep space and beyond the moon on a three-week mission before returning to Earth. Artemis I is the first in a series of missions before humans will be on board and head back to the moon.

When is the Artemis 1 launch?

The two-hour launch window opens at 1:04 a.m., which means Artemis I could launch anytime between 1:04 a.m. and 3:04 a.m. early Wednesday, Nov. 16.

This is the third launch attempt for Artemis I. The first two in August and September were scrubbed due to technical issues, and delayed further because of Hurricane Ian and Nicole.

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2:11 a.m. | 

1:50 a.m. | "We are going."

1:41 a.m. | 

1:36 a.m. | "Go for launch."

1:19 p.m. | Did you know? Snoopy – the lovable Peanuts cartoon character – is aboard Artemis I, and is known as the "zero gravity indicator." Once the Orion space capsule reaches zero gravity, we'd expect Snoopy to begin floating around the capsule donning a bright orange space suit. Read more.

1:04 a.m. | We are officially in an extended hold for the launch of Artemis I. The launch window opened at 1:04 a.m. It's a two-hour window that closes at 3:04 a.m. NASA said it would share a new launch time when available.

If Wednesday morning's launch is scrubbed or postponed, NASA has a backup window for Saturday morning, Nov. 19, 2022 at 1:45 a.m. That would also be a two-hour launch window.

12:48 a.m. | NASA said the Artemis I launch team is working to determine a new launch time, following technical issues that have caused slight delays.

12:44 a.m. | As we await updates from NASA on Artemis I's launch, here are some previous stories from FOX 35:

12:33 a.m. | NASA said the Ethernet switch at the Eastern Range has been replaced, but still needs to be verified. The launch is currently in a planned hold at T-10 minutes. 

The Artemis I launch window opens at 1:04 a.m.

12:18 a.m. | Titusville Police said the A. Max Brewer Bridge is closed to vehicle traffic wanting to watch the launch of Artemis I. "There is no parking available and pedestrian/bicycle traffic has increased significantly," police said in a tweet.

12:10 a.m. | After fixing an issue with an intermittent hydrogen leak, NASA said there was an issue at the Eastern Range, which requires a repair. Apparently an Ethernet switch went bad, which needs to be replaced. At last check, officials said that repair and testing could take 70 minutes or longer.

Currently, the launch is "no go" until those repairs are completed.

11:33 p.m. | NASA's ground crew said its emergency "red team" has completed their repair of a leak – and that fueling has resumed on its core stage.

10:20 p.m. | After reporting an intermittent hydrogen leak, NASA's emergency "red crew" has been deployed to the launch pad to make repairs.

10 p.m. | Launch Director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson gives "go" for emergency "red team" to head to the Artemis I launch pad to tighten bolts on a valve to repair an intermittent hydrogen leak. 

8:56 p.m. | NASA said weather forecast is 90% favorable for launch of Artemis I.