New high rises in Orlando • FL school bus chaos • FL teen kills friend • Artemis I liftoff • FL family killed

1. New high-rise towers planned for Orlando's Parramore neighborhood

An empty lot, between the Amway Center and Orlando’s soccer stadium, could soon be the site of a new high-rise development. 

Tim Green is in charge of the project. He grew up in the Parramore neighborhood where these towers are set to rise and now hopes to contribute to his community. "For me as a kid to be able to come back and revitalize and redevelop my own community, work alongside the city, the pastors, stakeholders, to make a difference," he said, "it's a great feeling."

The Parramore City Towers project includes a luxury Marriott hotel with more than 150 rooms, and also more than a hundred apartments. Green says the apartments will be a mix of market-rate units, and also affordable units aimed at students and young professionals. "The law school student struggling to get through school that needs an affordable place, the entrepreneur working on his business dream that needs an affordable place."

Developers say they want this project to be part of the greater Parramore community. For example, the Greater Refuge Memorial Church won't be torn down or demolished as part of the project. They plan to renovate it and make it part of the overall design. 

2. Video shows chaos on Florida school bus, driver yelling at kids who were 'misbehaving'

Video released from Stone Middle School students shows a Brevard County bus driver yelling at kids, while they ask her to let them off.  

A Brevard County public school spokesperson said the hysteria started when two kids began misbehaving. Other students on the bus said the driver then refused to take anyone home.

"My heart started racing, and I instantly started crying because Kayden is not one to over exaggerate, and he is not one to normally panic," said parent Brit Fonte.

"I was mostly scared, but I knew that I had to calm people down, everyone down, so I could be calm and stuff," said student Kayden Williams.

Kayden, 13, was on that bus. He told FOX 35 News people were crying and screaming. The video given to us paints a chaotic scene, while students try to use the emergency exit to escape, communicating with their parents on the phone and calling the police.

 The school board told us kids are not allowed to leave the bus unless it's at their bus stop. 

 After that, they ran to a neighbor's house, waiting until Palm Bay police officers arrived. 

 "Her behavior was unacceptable. We trusted them with our children, and she was yelling and screaming, even screaming profanities honestly," Fonte said.

 Parents said they are outraged. They are asking for accountability, including video from cameras inside the bus.

 "From what I am gathering, a lot of the bus drivers are underpaid and BPS is having problems trying to hire bus drivers. Now I am concerned that they are just hiring whoever they can," Fonte said.

3. Police: Florida teen had thoughts about killing someone before murdering 16-year-old girl

Anas Muhammad is accused of murdering 16-year-old Paola Pagan at the Kensington Apartments as she was leaving for school on Thursday. Authorities responded to the complex and found Pagan who had suffered life-threatening injuries. Pagan was treated on scene by paramedics and transported to HCA Florida Osceola Hospital where, despite life-saving efforts, she died.

During the investigation, detectives interviewed Muhammad as a character witness, but said during the interview, Muhammad began making certain statements and ultimately confessed to stabbing Pagan. Muhammad reportedly lived in the same complex as the victim.

In an update on Friday, police said that Muhammad and Pagan used to be friends, but it's not known why they became estranged. Muhammad had also reportedly been having thoughts about killing someone.

4. Artemis I lift off

NASA's new moon rocket blasted off on its debut flight with three test dummies aboard early Wednesday, bringing the U.S. a big step closer to putting astronauts back on the lunar surface for the first time since the end of the Apollo program 50 years ago.

If all goes well during the three-week, make-or-break shakedown flight, the rocket will propel an empty crew capsule into a wide orbit around the moon, and then the capsule will return to Earth with a splashdown in the Pacific in December.

5. 'I heard my baby screaming': Surviving sister of family killed in shooting describes terrifying ordeal

A man is in jail, accused of killing his girlfriend, her mother, sister, and young niece. Investigators said 23-year-old Shavell Jordan Jones also tried killing another sister, but she survived to tell everyone what happened.

"I saw him, and then I realized, what he did, and then he shot me," explained Sharice Nesmith as she described the terrifying moment that went down inside her home. "He keeps shooting and shooting. I heard my baby screaming." 

Investigators said Jones shot and killed Nesmith's mother, Gail Baker, her sisters, Asha and Shantay, and her 4-year-old daughter, Janice. Nesmith was also struck in her face. "I felt my jaw broke. I felt it. I was holding myself."

As Nesmith tried to run for help, she said she had to step over her mother, sisters, and even little Janice to get out of the house. "I saw my baby girl laying down, and I wasn’t thinking. I thought she was still sleeping for some reason."  

She said her other two children were still alive. "He said mommy are you ok? I was holding my face, holding my jaw. I said stay right here I’ll be back, I’m going to get help." Nesmith went door to door covered in blood, hoping someone would help. "Knocking on doors, knocking on doors. I was holding my jaw and nose."

A neighbor finally opened a door. When deputies arrived, they found 6-year-old Jayceon and 4-year-old Jalese hiding under a blanket. Nesmith said she is proud of how her son helped his little sister. "My son, he’s so smart. He was able to go hide."

They said he had gotten into an argument with his girlfriend, Asha, and was supposed to leave, but started shooting instead. According to investigators, Jones tried shooting himself but survived. Nesmith said Jones had never acted out before, "He was sweet and the kids loved him. So I don’t know, it surprised me."

Nesmith said she feels an emptiness inside, as she deals with the loss of family members and plans for their funeral without enough funds to cover the expenses. "I feel lost without them, honestly. They were always by my side." 

Captain D's on E. Colonial in Union Park is collecting donations to help them.

Jones faces murder and attempted murder charges.