Artemis I mission: Rocket enthusiasts camp out for up-close view of historic launch

Wednesday morning may finally be the day Artemis I makes history. At 1:04 a.m., the window to launch a rocket to the moon will open. It will be the third attempt to send the test rocket into space.

The historic moment has people camping out along the 528/A1A Causeway to see a view of Launchpad 39B.

"It got canceled twice before. I really hope it’s going tonight because it should be amazing," said Marcus Price.

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Price brought out the whole family in their camper. On the side of their motor home hangs a banner reading "Go Artemis". They have set up the perfect camping spot loaded with food, drinks, a fire pit, and more as they await the launch.

"For something like this that’s going to be late at night we bring the motor home, we get a setup. Our friends will be here later," said Price.

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For Price, the launches are a party no matter if the launch is scrubbed or not. For others, feeling the power of 8 million pounds of thrust makes the visit to the Space Coast an easy one.

"It’s about 9-and-a-half hours away, but it’s worth it though," said Mike Harrington.

Knoxville, Tennessee native, Harrington has made the long drive for each Artemis’ failed attempts but this time he is confident it will take off.

"Once you feel that kind of power heading up into the sky it is a bit of pride. We did this, and it’s a good thing," said Harrington.

Both Price and Harrington have been visiting this spot for 30 years for launches. Even if Artemis is scrubbed again, they say they will be back for the next attempt.