Bill would make it legal to kill bears

A bill that will be discussed in the Florida Legislature on Tuesday would allow people to shoot bears on their property if it's in self-defense. However, bear advocates plan to travel to Tallahassee to voice their opposition.

FWC educating Florida residents on tips to deter bear encounters

Central Florida is no stranger to bear sightings and encounters, and it shouldn't come as a shock. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said the largest concentration of bears comes from the Ocala National Forest and St. Johns River basin.

The most polite bear trick-or-treating in Florida

Zac Lee, who lives in Navarre in the Florida Panhandle, had an unexpected trick-or-treater on Halloween -- a group of black bears. But there was one who was the most polite -- sniffing around the candy bowl left outside and seemingly taking a single piece of candy.

Bears wreak havoc on Leesburg home

A family in Leesburg is dealing with a bear problem. Over the past four years, bears have broken into their home several times -- sometimes even as often as every other night.

New video shows bear rescue at Magic Kingdom

New video has been released of the adult black bear that found its way into a tree near Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom last month that forced more than a dozen attractions, rides, and lands to temporarily close.