Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando: Full lineup of haunted houses, scare zones

Photo from SeaWorld Orlando

Howl-O-Scream, the Halloween-themed event coming to Orlando's SeaWorld theme park, announced its complete lineup of haunted houses and scare zones on Thursday.

This is the first time that the separate-ticketed, nighttime Halloween event comes to SeaWorld Orlando. It is typically held at Busch Gardens in Tampa bay only but this year it will be at both theme parks. Guests must purchase a ticket separate from daytime admission to attend.

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Those who attend Howl-O-Scream will have an array of haunted activities to enjoy, including houses, scare zones, shows, and themed bars.


Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando said that they will have four haunted houses.

They were described by the theme park as:

  • Water's Edge Inn: "What began as an escape to a peaceful seaside hotel has turned into a terrifying struggle to find an escape from it."
  • Captain's Revenge: "When a cursed pirate has plotted your demise, perhaps you shouldn’t go searching for him in the murky depths of his ship."
  • Beneath the Ice: "No one has heard from base camp since it was entombed in snow. You’re here to find survivors…but you’ll wish you hadn’t."
  • Dead Vine: "This is no innocent garden stroll. You’ve just wandered into a terrifying realm of ravenous plants and hidden horrors."
seaworld orlando howl-o-scream

Photo from SeaWorld Orlando


There are reportedly also four scare zones for Howl-O-Scream attendees to enjoy.

They were described by Seaworld Orlando as:

  • Deadly Ambush: "The year is 1961. You’ve wandered into a quaint campground, nestled in nature. It might sound like a dream, but a new nightmare has just begun here. What’s happened to the campers? Creatures are emerging from the darkness. There’s nowhere to hide, and no park ranger to rescue you. Get back to civilization now, before it’s too late."
  • Sea of Souls: "This is it…the site of that horrific shipwreck. Those marauding pirates were too arrogant to see their downfall coming, and now they’re doomed to wander through a sea of gruesome reminders. Their souls are restless, and their anger is real. They’ll never stop seeking revenge on those who’ve escaped their ghostly fate. Steer clear—if you can."
  • Frozen Terror: "You might think you’re a safe distance from the snow-entombed research facility, but you’re not free from the frozen horrors. This inhospitable Arctic wasteland is swarming with icy, subhuman walkers. They may have pickaxes and shovels, but they’re not here to help dig for survivors. They’re here to turn you into one of them."
  • Witchcraft Bayou: "The cult is growing, and the lure is powerful. It’s hazardous to pass through this backwater bayou, but there’s no way around. Voodoo and witchcraft aren’t real, right? Tell that to the zealous worshippers trying to shackle you with their spells. They won’t rest until your soul belongs to her too. Stay alert, or the dark magic will drag you down."

In addition to the scare zones, there are said to be three 'roaming haunts' that will greet guests with frights.

They were described by the horror event as:

  • The Sirens: "These sirens don't need to lure you with song. They bring terror to you."
  • The Creatures: "Even the trees and plants are after you. Good luck camouflaging your fear."
  • The Minions: "Evil craves worship. Don't fall under the spell of these sinister occult zealots."
seaworld orlando howl-o-scream

Photo from SeaWorld Orlando


For those wanting to quench their thirst with a specialty drink, Howl-O-Scream said that they will have several themed bars to enjoy.

They described them as:

  • Sirens' Last Call: "Creatures of the shadows need a place to play too. Could it be this rusted-out underground warehouse? Glance around and do your best to blend in. The regulars here are followers of the siren, and they know how to spot an outsider. Be sure to pay homage to her by trying the bar’s signature drink, 'The Siren's Kiss.'"
  • Longshoremen Tavern: "When pirates pull into port, this be the tavern where they warm their bellies with rum. Take a break from the monsters and squalls, plant your weary hides, and join the merriment. In here, you might discover that an old SeaWorld treasure has been (partially) resurrected. They’re the Longshoremen, and they’ve been dying to entertain you again."
  • Tormented: "This is one place where a cold frosty one is a good thing. Take refuge from the wintry terrors of the Arctic hellscape outside and do a little refueling here. If you’re feeling mischievous, you can even join in and frighten your fellow expeditioners while they’re braving the horrors beneath the ice. How’s that for refreshing?"
  • Poison Grotto: "What’s your poison? Unwind with a refreshing concoction and explore the enticing atmosphere of this unearthly lounge. It’s a fleeting escape from the deadly vines and savage servants nearby. Just be sure to keep your eyes open and pay proper respect to the one who invited you in. You’re her guest here, and she’s always watching."


When guests are ready to take a break from the screams, two shows are available to watch.

SeaWorld Orlando described them as:

  • Sirens' Song: "The sirens are here to tell their story…and feast on your fears. Don’t miss a moment of this mesmerizing outdoor show."
  • Monster Stomp: "Prepare yourself for a darkly entertaining, pulse-pounding musical performance starring the one and only Jack the Ripper."

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For those not looking to face their fears, the roller coaster 'Mako' and rapids attraction ‘Infinity Falls’ will be open to ride.

Tickets for Howl-O-Scream at SeaWorld Orlando are on sale now. Single-night tickets start at $31.99 and vary depending on the date you visit. There are also ‘Unlimited Visit’ tickets, which costs $89.99 with blockout dates or $99 without blockout dates. Ticket options that include a visit to the Tampa Bay Howl-O-Scream event are also available to purchase. 

seaworld orlando howl-o-scream

Photo from SeaWorld Orlando

On Friday, August 13th, Howl-O-Scream will also hold a one-day-only sale for tickets. Guests can purchase four Howl-O-Scream single-night tickets for $99, which is $24.75 each. At least four tickets must be purchased and they can be used on any event night from September 10th to October 31st. The deal expires at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, August 13th. 

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During the day at SeaWorld Orlando, park-goers can check out the family-friendly ‘Halloween Spooktacular,’ which is included with daytime admission and features trick or treating.

Visit the SeaWorld Orlando website to purchase tickets. 

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