Invest 91L: What is an invest, and what does it mean during hurricane season?

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season runs June 1 - November 30, 2023, and there are a lot of terms you may hear or read. Tropical wave? Tropical disturbance? Tropical depression? Tropical Storm? Hurricane? What about Invest? FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist Jayme King explains what an Invest is, and why it's used to describe some systems.

How to track storms in FOX 35 Storm Team app

Download the FOX 35 News app and the FOX 35 Storm Team weather apps for the latest news and weather alerts, especially during the hurricane season. FOX 35's Allison Gargaro shows you how you can track everyday storms, as well as tropical storms, from the FOX 35 Storm Team weather app. Should a hurricane form, here's how to turn on an overlay to see the storm's projected path and forecast cone from the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane fabric: New way to protect your home

From boarding up windows and doors to sandbags, there are many ways to mitigate damage and protect your home during a tropical storm or hurricane. As technology changes, so do the tools. FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist talks with the owner of Orlando Hurricane Guard about a "space-age" fabric that's now being used to protect people's homes, windows, and lanais.

What would a 'Category 6' hurricane be like?

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale uses maximum sustained wind speeds to rate hurricanes -- and the possible level of damage they could inflict on communities. Right now, hurricanes are ranked on a five-point scale: Category 1, 74-95 mph winds; Category 2, 96-110 mph winds, Category 3, 111-129 mph winds, Category 4, 130-156 mph winds, and a Category 5, 157 mph winds or greater. Major hurricanes are considered to be category 3, 4, or 5. But, what would a "category 6" hurricane look like? Florida International University is testing the possibility.

Understanding hurricane strengths: Cat.1-5

How are hurricanes ranked, and how much destruction can a category 1 hurricane levy compare to a category 5? FOX 35 meteorologist Brooks Garner explains the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale and why it's used to describe hurricanes.

Wall of Wind: Inside FIU's massive wind tunnel

FOX 35 meteorologist Brooks Garner gets a peek inside Florida International University's "Wall of Wind," a massive scientific machine that generates hurricane-strength wind speeds to test the strength of structures and building materials.

El Niño: How it could impact hurricane season?

What is El Niño, and how could it affect this year's hurricane season? FOX 35's Ian Cassette explains what the weather pattern is, how it could impact this year's hurricane season, as well as the other weather factors meteorologists and scientists are looking at.

How many hurricanes could we see in 2023?

The predictions are out: how many tropical storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes could we see during the 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season? The experts at Colorado State University and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predict a below-average or near-normal season. FOX 35 meteorologist Ian Cassette dives into those predictions.

FOX 35 Tracking The Tropics: 2023 Season Preview

The FOX 35 Storm Team takes a look at how many storms we could see this year, how El Niño could impact this year's season, a new tool that could help protect your home, and a look inside Florida International University's "Wall of Wind."

Why it's important to review your insurance policy before a hurricane

National Hurricane Preparedness Week is the first week of May, a full month before the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1. As part of those preparations, experts recommend you review your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered for any disaster Mother Nature might throw your way.