4 tropical waves form before 2024 Atlantic hurricane season begins: Could they affect Florida?

The National Hurricane Center is watching four tropical waves in the Atlantic Ocean, according to a weather discussion update Thursday morning. 

There's one emerging from Africa, one in the middle of the Atlantic, one near the ABC Islands north of South America, and another one entering near the Belize region.

The FOX 35 Storm Team said the waves will not impact Florida as they are not expected to activate or further develop. However, officials said it is important to prepare ahead of time, especially as forecasters are predicting an 85% chance of an "above-average" season.

The NHC has been tracking multiple waves and a tropical disturbance in the past week alone as we near the start of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season.

Outside of the four tropical waves, the tropics are quiet – with no tropical cyclone activity expected during the next seven days.


When does the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season begin?

The hurricane season will officially begin on Saturday, June 1 and will run through Saturday, Nov. 30.

Historic numbers are forecast for the Atlantic this year, with the outlook featuring the highest numbers for any May tropical outlook ever issued by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

NOAA 2024 Hurricane Outlook 


Colorado State University also shared its seasonal prediction, which is significant because it's the most extreme season they've ever forecast since releasing their predictions publicly in the 1990s, FOX 35 Meteorologist Brooks Garner said.

This doesn't mean 23 tropical storms or 11 hurricanes will reach the United States or make landfall in Florida, as they can — and often do — curve away. But more storms do increase the chance of them possibly making landfall.

2024 Atlantic hurricane storm names

Twenty-one names make up the list for the Atlantic Ocean. 

How to prepare for hurricane season in Florida

Based on the damage from recent hurricanes, emergency management officials urge Floridians to stock up on at least a week's worth of supplies – such as water, food, batteries, medicine, etc.

See a full list of essential supplies for an emergency kit below:

Other things Floridians should consider is knowing their evacuation zone and whether there is a flood risk where they live. 

Officials also encourage residents to have a conversation with their insurance company to make sure they are protected by wind and flood coverage. 

In Florida, residents can stock up on hurricane supplies without paying sales taxes. The first preparedness holiday will start June 1, at the start of the hurricane season, while the second will be from Aug. 24 to Sept. 6, just before the peak of the storm season.

See the list of eligible tax-free items in the document below or by clicking here

There are several resources for emergency hurricane tips:

Be sure to catch the FOX 35 Storm Team Hurricane Special: 2024 season preview this Thursday at 7 p.m.