State lawmakers look for ways to curb vaping

The focus comes amid a national outcry over what some health officials consider an epidemic among young people, as the vaping trend engulfs middle and high schools, as well as college campuses.

President Trump hears opposing viewpoints in debate over youth vaping

President Donald Trump on Friday heard opposing viewpoints in the debate over youth vaping but offered no insight into where he would ultimately come down on the issue after promising two months ago that he would ban most flavored e-cigarettes but later backtracking.

Feds investigating death of Orlando man believed to have died from vaping, father says

FOX 35 News has learned that federal officials have launched an investigation into what doctors are calling a vaping-related death in Central Florida. Donald Boyd says his 28-year-old son, Kyle, went to bed last week and never woke up. He went into cardiac arrest twice and never regained consciousness. He was pronounced brain dead after several days in the hospital. Doctors believe that vaping is to blame for his death.

Cause of vaping illness possibly discovered, says CDC

A breakthrough in the mysterious epidemic of vaping-related illnesses and deaths in the United States could also be a big win for the vaping industry -- an industry some say has been badly damaged by the situation.