FDA investigating death of Orlando man believed to be caused by vaping

The Food and Drug Administration is looking into the death of an Orlando man who doctors believe died from vaping. 

About two weeks ago, 28-year-old Kyle Boyd went to bed and never woke up, his family told FOX 35. He went into cardiac arrest twice and never regained consciousness. He was pronounced brain dead after several days in the hospital. Doctors believe that vaping is to blame for his death. He used vape heavily and he had pneumonia that was more than likely caused by it. 

"They tried everything they could and they just couldn’t save him," said his mom Kim Boyd. "I didn't think I'd be burying my son."

After visiting the Good Day Orlando studio, Kyle's mom and stepdad, Kevin Lambrecht, plan to travel to Miami to meet with the FDA about vaping.

"We’re going down there to meet with them and give them exactly what they asked for so they can do their investigation," said Boyd. They will hand over the vape pen and pods Kyle was using before his death. "I just hope they find that it’s so bad, so, so bad for you."

His family hopes the agency takes a close and thorough look.

"We want the FDA to come in and say stop, you can’t do this," said Lambrecht.

"It’s a lot more dangerous than you think it is," said Boyd. "Because it’s kind of been projected as being safe, and it’s certainly not."

Kyle's father, Donald Boyd, previously told FOX 35 that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is also investigating the death. They will also go through Kyle's vaping materials, as they attempt to see if there was anything illegal in his devices.

According to his family, Kyle worked with those suffering from addiction. They would like donations to be made in his honor to Matthew’s Hope, a nonprofit in Winter Garden. To donate, text MHM to 41444 or visit MatthewsHopeMinistries.org and use the 'Donate' button.

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