WATCH: Florida paramotor pilot saves woman clinging to submerged car that fell into canal

A Florida man flying a paramotor ended up rescuing a woman he spotted below who was clinging to a submerged car that had fallen into a canal! The entire rescue was captured on video. 

Cristiano Piquet, a realtor based in Miami, was paramotoring with a friend before church on Sunday when an alligator splashing in the water below caught his eye – and that's when he saw the vehicle in the water.

Piquet made an emergency landing in a field nearby and he and his friend ran over to help. When he arrived at the canal, the video shows the woman hanging onto the roof of the car that was already completely underwater. 

"Do you need help?" he asked the woman. 

"Oh, my God, I fell with my car in here," the woman yelled. 


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Another man who was near the canal is seen pulling the woman ashore. Miami-Dade first responders responded to the scene and transported the woman to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, WSVN reported.

"Mission accomplished," Piquet says in the video that has now gone viral. Viewers on his Instagram page praised his heroic actions. 

"You're a saint brother," wrote one viewer.

"Super Piquet is coming to save you! Don't worry!" said another. 

Despite the love from the internet and thousands of video views, Piquet insists he's no hero and credits having God on his side that day.