Florida man accused of impersonating law enforcement officer multiple times arrested again

A Florida man who has been accused of impersonating a law enforcement officer multiple times is in trouble again.

Jeremy Dewitte, 42, was arrested on Tuesday just months after he was released from prison.  Osceola County Sheriff Marcos Lopez said Dewitte's arrest came hours after he barricaded himself inside his Kissimmee home. He was served a warrant out of Orange County claiming that he violated his probation. 

Dewitte is a convicted sex offender who was released from prison in September after having been arrested for impersonating an officer in Orange County. 

"I’m not going back to prison, not today. Not for a technical violation," Dewitte said as he was being escorted by Osceola County sheriff's deputies. 


According to court records, Dewitte failed to take down his YouTube channel. "Someone hacked the account, changed the username, changed the passwords," Dewitte told us.  "We multiple times tried to take down a YouTube channel that was hacked." 

Sheriff Lopez said he doesn’t believe him. "You can definitely deactivate your account, so he’s full of it."

Back in 2019, Windermere Police discovered several videos of Dewitte in his helmet cam, pulling cars over illegally throughout Central Florida, while he was a funeral escort. 

"He’d go around directing traffic, stopping people stopping cars," said Sheriff Lopez. "The guy’s definitely out of control." 

Sheriff Lopez said Dewitte will face additional charges in Osceola County for refusing to cooperate and violating further terms of his probation.