Police: Man accused of impersonating officer claims he is 'special agent'

Jeremy Dewitte, a Florida man who has been accused of impersonating a police officer, is seen on body camera video worn by a Chicago police officer getting arrested in an incident recorded last summer.

Back in September, Windermere Police arrested Dewitte for pulling people over illegally, as he worked a funeral procession for his company called Metro State Services. Dewitte, who is a registered sex offender, says he did nothing wrong.

Dewitte, 40, is back on camera again, but this time it's not from his helmet camera pulling people over. It all started back in June, when a tow truck driver called police, claiming Dewitte threw chairs at him from a fourth-floor building, as he tried towing Dewitte's vehicle.

After officers arrived, Dewitte told them he is also law enforcement. After the tow truck operator agrees not to press charges if Dewitte apologizes, another officer intervenes. That's when Dewitte is hauled off to jail, charged with aggravated assault and damage to a vehicle.

On his arrest report, it reads "special agent."  Chicago Police say right now Dewitte's not facing any additional charges.