Vape, e-cigarette waste impacting beaches

Vape use is skyrocketing, and researchers are worried about how the waste could hurt coastal ecosystems. Nearly 25% of middle and high schoolers say they're vaping every single day. Experts now say vapes and e-cigs could be impacting the ocean environment from the plastic they're made of to the toxins inside the cartridges.

Florida social media bill passes

Florida lawmakers on Thursday gave final approval to a bill that seeks to keep children under age 16 off social-media platforms, as Gov. Ron DeSantis continued to raise concerns about the measure.

Embry-Riddle students send camera to the moon

The first U.S. commercial moon lander, Odysseus – also known by its nickname "Odie" – touched down on the moon's surface at 6:23 p.m. ET near a crater called Malapert A in the south pole region of the moon. Some of the technology onboard has a connection to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach.

Flooding fix for Palm Bay neighborhood

After FOX 35 looks into drainage issues affecting their community, neighbors don't fear flooding. Last week, FOX 35 reported on a big issue for some homeowners in Palm Bay who have been dealing with standing water soaking their front yards for months.

OCPS offers 'historic' salary bump for teachers

Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Maria Vazquez announced Thursday a "historic" salary offer for teachers district-wide. Changes to insurance premiums were also announced at Thursday's press conference.

Orlando project under I-4 to transform downtown

In just a few years, the area near the Kia Center in downtown Orlando will look completely different. The City of Orlando announced that the construction of "The Canopy" is officially underway. The new design blends nature and technology to create a vibrant and "inclusive sustainable urban oasis."