Device would allow for blood tests in space

For years, astronauts have conducted blood tests on themselves while at the International Space Station but the samples must be shipped back to earth for full analysis. A new device would change that.

Boeing moves Starliner crew capsule to Florida pad

Boeing moved its Starliner crew capsule to its Florida pad Thursday in preparation for a mid-December launch. It will carry a dummy fitted with hundreds of sensors for the first Starliner test flight to the International Space Station.

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Climate change has some NASA officials on edge, especially as the rising ocean levels could threaten launch pads at the Kennedy Space Center.

Most distant world ever explored gets a new name: Arrokoth

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew past the snowman-shaped Arrokoth on New Year's Day, years after exploring Pluto. At the time, this small icy world 1 billion miles beyond Pluto was nicknamed Ultima Thule given its vast distance from us.