Shocking video: Chuck E. Cheese in Port Orange destroyed by Tropical Storm Ian

A Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Port Orange, Florida was destroyed by Tropical Storm Ian this week, new video shows. 

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office released helicopter footage of the destruction that occurred on Thursday at The Pavilion at Port Orange. In the video, the roof of the Chuck E. Cheese entertainment center is collapsed and water is pouring on the inside. A children's carousel and video games can be seen among rubble. 

Hurricane Ian made landfall on the southwestern coast of Florida, near Cayo Costa, as a Category 4 storm on Wednesday.  At that time, maximum sustained winds were reported at 150 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center (for comparison, a Category 5 hurricane has sustained winds of at least 157 mph). Ian had weakened to a tropical storm before reaching Central Florida. 


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Several areas were hit with extensive flooding, and police agencies and sheriff's departments across the region rescued – and still are rescuing – people from flooded streets and neighborhoods. 

Florida residents and homeowners impacted by Hurricane Ian can apply for FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) assistance to help cover temporary housing, basic home repairs, or other disaster-related needs not covered by insurance. You can apply HERE.

The U.S. death toll from Hurricane Ian is expected to rise as Florida authorities on Friday afternoon confirmed several drowning deaths and other fatalities. Nearly two dozen deaths had been reported across the state, three of which have been confirmed in Central Florida, officials said.