Invest 91L: What is an invest, and what does it mean during hurricane season?

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season runs June 1 - November 30, 2023, and there are a lot of terms you may hear or read. Tropical wave? Tropical disturbance? Tropical depression? Tropical Storm? Hurricane? What about Invest? FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist Jayme King explains what an Invest is, and why it's used to describe some systems.

Forecast: Tracking Invest 91L in the Gulf of Mexico

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a possible system in the Gulf of Mexico, near Florida. It's currently known as Invest 91L, which means it's a system that the NHC is interested in and monitoring. As of Thursday, the NHC said it has a 50% chance -- or a medium chance -- that it could develop into a tropical depression or tropical storm.

FOX 35 Tracking The Tropics: 2023 Season Preview

The FOX 35 Storm Team takes a look at how many storms we could see this year, how El Niño could impact this year's season, a new tool that could help protect your home, and a look inside Florida International University's "Wall of Wind."