Club worker shot in downtown Orlando shooting wants more security: 'Stuff like this should not be happening'

Waleed Attia was working at a club in downtown Orlando over the weekend when he found himself caught in the crossfire of a shooting. It comes more than a month after seven people were hurt in a shooting in Orlando's entertainment district.

Attia said he was checking IDs outside the Celine nightclub when he heard gunshots – and found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

"I was checking IDs I heard two gunshots. It was so close I like still hear the echo in my ear," said Attia. "As I heard the two gunshots, I was looking to my right and I look to my left to see what was going on, and I got shot." 

Police said the shooting happened shortly before midnight on East Pine Street and South Court Avenue, not far from the club.

Wulner Durand, 32, was later identified as the gunman, and arrested.

According to Durand's arrest report, Durand and a woman met Sunday night at Eden The Lounge, another club downtown. Durand reportedly asked the woman and her friend if they were interested in making money, while partying. However, her friend's boyfriend did not want Durand talking to her, and the boyfriend and Durand argued.

All were kicked out of the bar, according to the report.

Later that night, Durand allegedly approached the group again and began to argue with them, which turned into a physical fight. At that point, Durand then pulled out a gun and began shooting, the report said. Attia was hit in the head, and a woman was shot in the foot. 

"He basically almost killed me," said Attia. I only get paid $15 an hour that is not worth my life. My fiancé right now is four months pregnant. I would have never seen my baby. It sucks I’m just trying to live life like everyone else but there’s just a bunch of craziness going on."

"Stuff like this should not be happening. We need more security, more police. Especially with these people coming downtown thinking they’re entitled to things," said Attia. "If they’re going to have gates, put a metal detector, it will help the city and maybe prevent crimes downtown. If they had the metal detector on Sundays it would have helped."

Following the July shooting where seven people were hurt, Orlando added designated security zones – or checkpoints – on Friday and Saturday nights, near Wall Street Plaza, which is home to bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. No suspects have been arrested in that shooting, and few details have been released by police.

A spokesperson for Orlando police previously told FOX 35 that detectives were continuing to investigate the case, and need the public's help.

Those security zones, however, are not in place on Sunday nights, which is when the latest shooting happened.Attia believes they should and would like to see metal detectors added.