Florida Staycations 2022: What to see and do at The Historic Driftwood Resort in Vero Beach

Are you looking for a summer staycation escape that's along the water?

Head two hours southeast of Orlando to Vero Beach to visit The Historic Driftwood Resort. The 85-year-old resort was originally built as a private beach house and quickly became an inn and restaurant since there was no restaurant in the area, according to its website.

The Driftwood Inn and Restaurant opened in 1937, followed by Waldo's Restaurant in 1948, and slowly expanded over the years. In 2004, the hotel was substantially damaged by two hurricanes and reopened in 2005 maintaining "all the history and ambiance it has always had," the website said.

It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1994, and offers a "rustic ‘beachcomber’ ambiance."

Where to find it:
The Historic Driftwood Resort
3150 Ocean Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963