Alligator found hiding underneath Florida man's truck

Imagine walking outside your home and discovering an alligator hiding underneath your vehicle! That's the surprise one Florida man came across in his Tampa driveway. 

In a video Joey Quinlan posted on Facebook, you can see an alligator making itself comfortable under Quinlan's pickup truck. You hear his wife, Brooke, telling him not to get too close, as he slowly approached the reptile for a better view. 

Quinlan told Storyful he was working from home when he got a call from his neighbor to check out what was outside.


Quinlan and his family have encountered wildlife since their move from Illinois to Florida, but finding an alligator underneath his truck was definitely a first, he told Storyful. 

"As there are a lot of children and pets in the neighborhood, I decided I needed to call the authorities, who put me in touch with the local gator trapper," Quinlan said. 

The trapper was able to humanely capture the gator and relocate it, Storyful reported.