VIDEO: Alligator body slams, eats massive python in Florida Everglades

A Florida woman captured an incredible video of an alligator enjoying a large python for an afternoon snack, garnering the attention of multiple people on social media. 

Katina Boychew, who goes by @katina86 on Instagram, said she was visiting the Florida Everglades last week when she spotted the alligator in the marsh chowing down on the snake. At one point in the video, the gator could be seen triumphantly, body-slamming his meal.

She shared the video on social media with the caption, "Gator vs python" and based on the video, it's pretty clear who won the match.

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(Photo via Katina Boychew)

"Good, I hate snakes," one Facebook user said in the comment section. "EAT'M ALL!!," another said.

They're not alone in their disdain for the species. Each year, the Sunshine State holds The Florida Python Challenge, where volunteers help remove the invasive, nonnative snakes from the Everglades habitat to help protect the animals that live there.


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What do alligators typically eat?

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife, alligators are opportunistic feeders that prey on species that are abundant and easily accessible. While young alligators' diets consist primarily of insects, amphibians, small fish, and other invertebrates, FWC said adult alligators often eat snakes, turtles, rough fish, small mammals and birds. 

Though the gator won this battle with a snake, it could have gone the other way around.

(Content Warning: The video below may contain footage that some could find shocking or disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.)

Last year in the Everglades, a 5-foot alligator was found inside a massive, 18-foot Burmese python. The clip shared by geoscientist Rosie Moore on Instagram quickly went viral.

The footage showed several scientists evaluating a large bulge in the python's stomach before opening it up and getting a better picture of what was inside. The entire alligator was then removed from the python.