'Jawlene' update: Florida alligator with missing jaw 'getting stronger every day,' care team says

Jawlene, the alligator missing its upper jaw that captured the hearts of Central Florida, is still adjusting to life at Gatorland!

In a post-Thanksgiving update from the wildlife preserve, officials said Jawlene has a few worms, but is still being treated. They also said she's gaining weight – and has put on about 2 pounds so far! 

Is ‘Jawlene’ out on public display?

Not yet – and that's been the biggest question. But, Gatorland's Savannah Boan has said it all depends on Jawlene's health and comfortability. Plus, they team has to decide what type of habitat she can safely live in – and if that includes other alligators.

She previously told FOX 35 that she probably would have to be in a habitat with gators who are smaller than her.

In a recent update, however, Boan said Jawlene's progress could mean that she could be viewable by the public in the baby marsh by Christmas. A hard day hasn't been set yet.

"Jawlene is an incredible testament to the strength and resilience of the great American Alligator," Boan said on Facebook. "From learning how she had adapted to living as a wild alligator to being patient and watching her show us how to best feed her so that she doesn’t get frustrated and give up.

"She’s gaining weight, learning to trust us and getting stronger every day. Gatorland Global, our conservation arm exists for situations just like this one."