Alligator missing half its jaw finds new home at Gatorland

After weeks of searching, an alligator missing the top half of its jaw has been trapped and rescued.

A photo of the injured animal made national headlines.

The alligator is now safe and getting rehabilitated at Gatorland in Orlando.

"She looks like she had a hard time," said Savannah Boan from Gatorland. "The trapper that actually snagged her was a gentleman named Jerry. And Jerry said he thought it might look like a propeller got her."

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The female alligator appears to be four or five years old and will be kept on a special diet and away from other animals for a while.

Eventually, it will be kept with other alligators in the park.

Because of how much the injury has healed, Gatorland believes it was living in the wild like that for at least six months, eating things like snails and frogs.

Experts say it's part of the reason why the species has survived so long.

"Alligators and crocodiles are amazing survivors," Boan said. "They can survive almost anything."

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While many worried about the alligator's health, Gatorland believes it will thrive there.

"She’s a little bit skinny, but she looks to be pretty healthy and feisty, and we’re going to heal her up, we’re going to have our vet take a look at her, and she’s going to be great," Boan said.

Gatorland is still trying to pick a name for the unique-looking alligator. 

The park is asking people to chime in with suggestions on their social media.