Weezer fan in wheelchair held up by concertgoers in North Dakota

Photo credit: Kate Marthaler

The best view is always from the top!

At a concert for the rock band Weezer at the North Dakota State Fair last Saturday in Minot, a woman using a wheelchair got a great view when a group of good Samaritans hoisted her up on their shoulders so she could see the stage.

Kate Marthaler shared the photo on Facebook, and it has since has gone viral, West Dakota Fox noted.

Marthaler wrote: "This right here is what I'm living to be a part of. This right here is the example I'm trying to show my kids. This right here is what I'm working to surround myself with every day. People who want to hold up others when they need it so we can all keep living our best lives together! This is awesome!! This is how it should be."

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