Board games could be making a comeback

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  • Orlando Police propose new drone ordinance

  • Cyber security expert warn of texting scams

  • Son of Florida lawmaker shot at, beaten

  • State says insurance companies responsive following hurricanes

Unusual News

  • Credit: Izzy Gould and

    Baby born on flight to Orlando from Philadelphia

  • Turtle may be responsible for bicyclist's death, deputies say

  • Gorilla, Santa and elderly woman among strange figures captured by park's wildlife cameras

  • Injured deer nursed back to health lives with family


  • Madonna raises $7.5M for Malawi, slams Trump in Miami show

  • Katt Williams pleads no contest to charges, banned from 2 counties

  • Young teen diagnosed with 'sleeping beauty syndrome'

  • Kanye West leaves hospital, more than a week after reported breakdown


  • Bondi mum on possible job in Trump Administration

  • Undocumented immigrant tuition issue re-emerges

  • AP FACT CHECK: Assessing Trump's take on Ohio State attacker

  • Trump claims millions voted illegally, costing him popular vote

US and World News

  • (Photo: Brenda Douglas)

    Bipedal bear's apparent death motivates bear hunt opponents

  • APD honors young boy for saving sister from dog attack

  • 9 dead, dozens missing in Oakland warehouse fire

  • Washington Monument will be closed until 2019 for repairs

The Americans with Charlie LeDuff

  • RNC protester makes bold statement - kindness

  • Where are all the real men?

  • RNC in Cleveland: a hot, boiling pot

  • An angry America but killing each other isn't the answer

The Spoke

  • Thinking outside the cardboard box. A course in homelessness

  • These Christmas displays take it to the next level

  • Wendy's helping families and Frosty lovers

  • Richard Pryor's 76th birthday

Seen on TV

  • World rallies behind hero dog who saved girl from snake

  • Computer glitch causes price war between gas stations; customers fill-up for pennies

  • Weblinks seen on FOX 35 News


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Orlando City Council expected to approve pedestrian bridge near Downtown Orlando

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    Orlando City Council expected to approve pedestrian bridge near Downtown Orlando

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    Family asks for justice after father of three is gunned down in Orlando

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    Virgina Tech vs Clemson

  • Good Day Orlando

    Man killed in overnight shooting

  • Good Day Orlando

    Shooting, standoff and suspect on the run

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    Thousands turn out for Mount Dora Christmas Walk

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