WATCH: Baby sandhill crane hatches in Florida

Credit: Ursula Dubrick

A Florida wildlife photographer captured the beautiful moment when a baby sandhill crane hatched from its egg and joined its family.

Ursula Dubrick captured the footage on Feb. 20 in Melbourne. In her 6-minute video titled "Miracle of Birth," you can see the baby crane waving its little wing out of the egg. Moments later the baby hatches completely, stumbling around adorably and meeting its mama and sibling for the first time.


Dubrick says she has been a wildlife photographer for over 10 years and shares videos on her YouTube channel. She has some advice for residents who are curious about Florida's wildlife.

"Be respectful of the wildlife, especially at a nesting site.  Keep a good distance away so the wildlife or their habitat is not distressed."

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According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, sandhill crane nests are built by both mates with grass, moss, and sticks.  Females lay two eggs that incubate for 32 days.  Both the mom and dad participate in incubating the eggs. The offspring will begin traveling from the nest with their parents just 24-hours after hatching. 

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