WATCH: 11-foot, 550-pound alligator found in Florida family's pool

A Florida family had quite a scare after an 11-foot, 550-pound monster-sized alligator snuck into their swimming pool for a late-night swim. 

Footage recorded by Marie St Cyr shows the alligator thrashing and rolling as four people pull it from the pool in Punta Gorda back in May.

St Cyr told Storyful that the family was awoken at 3 a.m. to a loud noise at the back of their house. After finding the massive alligator, they called the police and animal control.

In a Facebook post, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office wrote that the alligator weighed in at more than 550 pounds and measured almost 11-feet. It's believed the animal busted through a screen to get to the nice, cool water. 

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Credit: Charlotte Co. Sheriff's Office

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"Always check your pool before diving in!" the sheriff's office warned.