Blue Bunny contest offering 365 days of paid time off: How to enter

Credit: Blue Bunny

What a sweet deal! A new contest from Blue Bunny is giving one year's worth of paid time off to deserving people across the country!

The company –  known for its frozen ice cream treats –  is giving away 365 days of paid time off specifically to have fun.

"Here at Blue Bunny, we make fun! That's why we want you to take a day off this summer!" the company wrote on its contest page.

Blue Bunny is currently accepting PTO requests until July 20. Then 365 people will be chosen to enjoy one PTO day on Blue Bunny! Your mission if you win? To go have fun however you choose! 

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All you have to do to enter is fill out the PTO form describing what you would do on your most fun day off and why you deserve it. If you want to get really creative, you have the option to submit a 30-second video pitching your most fun day!

Participants will be reached out to via email from the email provided on the PTO submission form.

You can enter the contest on the Blue Bunny website.