Volusia County beaches to reopen for leisure on Saturday, social distancing required

Starting Saturday, you'll be able to sit and chill on Volusia County beaches again. Officials are lifting limitations to its beaches beginning May 2, officials announced on Thursday.

Beachgoers have been required to engage in physical activity such as walking or jogging and then leave the beach when they were done. But on May 2, sitting, sunbathing and other activities will be allowed once again. 

However, social distancing is still required. Beachgoers must be only be in groups of six or less and must maintain a distance of 10 feet from other groups of people. Families can sit together. 

Off-beach lots will be opening for limited parking during this time. Restrooms and splash pads will remain closed.

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"The plans that we have phased in to open Volusia County fits in well with the governor's plan," said Volusia County Chair Ed Kelly. "We're going to be returning to a normal period of our life that's going to be different from the normal we had."

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Sheriff Mike Chitwood emphasized that beachgoers need to be responsible and follow the rules. 


"Make sure we practice social distancing, make sure we practice good hygiene, make sure that we don't overrun certain areas and that we spread out," Chitwood said. "Most of all, let's think of our first responders out there, in particular the Beach Patrol. Let's not have them work any harder than they had to work."