This Florida city was just crowned best food destination in US, new report says

Forget what you thought you knew about foodie hotspots. 

A new report from WalletHub has just unveiled a surprising revelation: Orlando has taken the top spot as the best foodie city in the entire country, outshining iconic food destinations like New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Atlanta. 

To determine the top foodie cities, WalletHub compared almost 200 cities across dozens of factors including accessibility, affordability and restaurant diversity, plus the number of restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores and food festivals in the area. 

Combining all these factors made way for Orlando's new crown as the best foodie city in the U.S. Two other Florida cities, Miami and Tampa, were ranked in the top 10 at No. 4 and No. 6, respectively. 

Here's a look at the top 10 foodie cities in the U.S., according to WalletHub:

  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Sacramento, CA
  4. Miami, FL
  5. San Francisco, CA
  6. Tampa, FL
  7. San Diego, CA
  8. Las Vegas, NV
  9. Austin, TX
  10. Seattle, WA

Click here for the full report. 

What is a foodie?

WalletHub defines a "foodie" as someone who not only loves gourmet dining, but discovering new and unique flavors wherever possible. 

"For these people, the experience of eating is elevated to a hobby or even a lifestyle," WalletHub said. 

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