Denny's leans into Mexican virtual brand

Denny's Corporation will expand its Mexican-inspired virtual brand, Banda Burrito, to over 200 California locations in the coming months to capitalize on off-premise dining, with almost 100 locations already offering the brand as of the first quarter.

Study: Salty diet may increase risk of dry, itchy skin

A new study from UC San Francisco, published in JAMA Dermatology, found that consuming just an extra gram of sodium daily can increase the likelihood of an eczema flare by 22%, with high sodium intake significantly impacting those prone to eczema.

Lab-grown meat bans: states taking action and the future impact

Several U.S. states, including Florida and Alabama, have recently banned the sale of lab-grown meat, citing safety concerns and traditional farming protection, leading to significant challenges and uncertainties for the industry's future despite initial optimism after its approval in June 2023.