Orange County: More people could be eligible for vaccine in coming weeks

Who’s next in line for the COVID vaccine? And, when can they get the shot?

The mayor of Orange County offered a partial answer on Monday.

"It’s based upon the available inventory within the state," Mayor Jerry Demings said.

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Florida has put seniors first for the COVID-19 vaccine. According to state data, more than 1.7 million people 65 or older have gotten the shot.

Healthcare workers, some first responders, and people deemed extremely vulnerable to COVID have also been vaccinated.

But, a lot of people are wondering when the eligibility criteria will expand.

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"As inventory increases, I believe that within the next week or two weeks, we probably should see an expansion of the eligible individuals," Demings said.

But, we still don’t know who is next in line.

Take the State of Florida’s draft COVID plan released in October. After healthcare workers, it showed essential workers up for the vaccine, then people with high-risk medical conditions.

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Governor Ron DeSantis moved people 65 and up higher on the list.

The CDC guidelines are similar. The agency has "frontline essential workers" in Phase 1b, also ahead of seniors. Governor DeSantis explained why he chose not to follow those recommendations last month. 

"The initial CDC recommendation, we didn't follow it because it would have allowed a 20-year-old healthy worker get a vaccine before a 74-year-old grandmother or grandparent," he said.

If essential workers do end up going next, according to the CDC, some of the people included in that group are firefighters, law enforcement officers, teachers, and grocery store workers.

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FOX 35 reached out to the governor’s office for insight on his plans but didn't hear back.


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