'Just magical': Viral Orlando courtside 'Kiss Cam' couple welcomes twins

The couple who went viral for their baby announcement at the Amway Center during an Orlando Magic game have welcomed twins.

Taylor Wheaton and James Bailey were on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at an Orlando Magic game when Taylor surprised her husband with the news that he was going to be a father last November.

The couple has now welcomed twins, a boy and girl named Palmer Jay and Carter James.

"It’s just been a wild journey from the get go just the way their whole story has been," said James. "Kids love going viral these days, so they were viral before they were born."

Taylor thought she may not be able to have children when she found out she was pregnant last November and then learned they were having twins in December.

"It really was just magical," said Taylor. "It became our Thanksgiving miracle, then our Christmas miracle, so we are so blessed," Talyor said. "And our Christmas in July miracle now," continued James.

The new parents plan to bring two of the Orlando Magic's newest and biggest fans to a game this upcoming November.

"It’s such an emotional journey and then to add the excitement that we’ve been able to share with the whole world has been a cool experience," said James.

The twins already have plenty of their own fans who have been following their journey from the very start. 

"What greater gift could a parent want for their kids, we love them so much, but the amount of support and love they have from everyone else has been such a great honor and gift," said Taylor.