Florida DOH: 8 new COVID-19 cases confirmed in state, one is a Georgia resident in Alachua County

The Florida Department of Health has announced eight new positive coronavirus cases in the state. All individuals are being "appropriately cared for and isolated," the agency tweeted late Tuesday.  Seven of the cases are identified as “travel-related.” 

This brings the total number of in-state cases of the respiratory disease known as COVID-19 to 23, including two non-Florida residents who have tested positive but will remain in the state until cleared for travel.

The virus, which started in China late last year and has spread around the world, is particularly dangerous to seniors and people with underlying health conditions. Of the Floridians diagnosed in the state, for example, 18 are at least 60 years. 

According to the Department of Health, the eight new cases are a 46-year-old man in Pasco County; a 73-year-old male in Collier County; a  68-year-old female in Collier County;  a 64-year-old female in Collier County; a 67-year-old male in Pinellas County; a 64-year-old male in Pinellas County; a 68-year-old male in Nassau County; and a 68-year-old female Georgia resident who is in Alachua County.

All eight are isolated and will remain in isolation until cleared by public-health officials. The Alachua County Department of Health said that the people who have come into contact with the 68-year-old woman has been identified and quaratined. 

MAP: Interactive map tracks spread of COVID-19 globally

In other coronavirus-related news impacting Central Florida, an Orlando passenger on a Southwest flight out of the Orlando International Airport was hospitalized, potentially demonstrating coronavirus symptoms. The passenger landed in Rhode Island.  Now, the staff at OIA are on alert and self-monitoring for any symptoms. 

Florida Tech University in Melbourne has adjusted plans for its graduation ceremony.  The school is changing a venue and limiting who can attend.  Additionally, other universities in the state are planning for the possibility of moving in-person classes to online course instruction to help fight any possible coronavirus outbreak.

But despite all the worry over the coronavirus, officials around Central Florida say they have not seen a dramatic impact on tourism.  

Tracking Coronavirus
Numbers as of March 10, 2020
Florida residents in-state who have died from COVID-19 2
Florida residents in-state who have tested positive: a confirmed status is given when the "presumptive positive" sample is then confirmed by the CDC. 21
Non-Florida residents in-state who have tested positive: Non-Florida residents who are positive remain in the state and are isolated at a federally designated site until healthy. 2
Florida residents awaiting pending test results 155
Florida residents currently being monitored: The number of people under public health monitoring includes those at risk of having been exposed to COVID-19 who are monitoring their health under the supervision of public health officials. 319
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