Flagler County prepares for evacuation as Dorian's impact on the Florida coast remains unclear

Flagler County officials are warning people not to become complacent as Hurricane Dorian slows down and tracks west.

“Flagler County at a minimum expects to receive… tropical storm force conditions,” said Flagler County Emergency Manager Johnathan Lord.

“Those conditions are very similar to what we experienced with hurricanes Irma and Matthew.” Lord said Flagler County has always been in the hurricane’s cone and on Sunday afternoon it was within three days of it. He said to expect watches and warnings within the next couple days.

Officials said the bridges to Flagler Beach will remain open until sustained winds of 45 mph. The county said shelters are ready to open but they will not open until at least Tuesday and only if necessary.

Evacuation recommendations are also expected to come out later this week, if needed. Lord encouraging people living in hurricane evacuation zones A and B to pay close attention to updates.

Businesses were boarded up and waves on Flagler Beach were already rough on Sunday as people watched the ocean, apprehensive but eager for Hurricane Dorian to arrive.

“Hoping everybody stays safe. You never know what’s going to come and a lot of stress unfortunately,” said Loretta Harrington, who lives in Palm Coast.

Household garbage will be picked up on Monday but there will be no trash pick-up Tuesday and Wednesday. Flagler County Schools will be closed Tuesday. A decision about the rest of the week will be made at a later date. City Hall will also be closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Officials are reminding people to not let their guard down as Dorian continues to move through the Atlantic. Fox 35 meteorologist Jayme King agrees.

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"We do not want you to let your guard down, you need to stay prepared, we cannot stress that enough for you," Fox 35 meteorologist Jayme King said. "While there has been a shift in the forecast modeling and the official NHC track, there is still uncertainty in the actual effects on Central Florida.”


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