Video: Family catches great white shark off coast of Florida

A family on a fishing trip in Florida got the surprise of a lifetime when they reeled in a great white shark!

The family, who are from North Dakota, were on vacation in Fort Lauderdale on March 14 when they decided to book a shark fishing adventure with Good Hit Sportfishing. 

According to WSVN, while they were fighting to catch another fish, one of the men felt a big tug on their fishing line.

"All of a sudden, when it hit the one rod, it just hit it and it took off," Shaun Jacobson told the news outlet. "So we knew it was something big."

What they caught was a roughly 600-pound, 100-inch great white shark!

"It took the strength of three grown men and a whole lot of elbow grease to get this girl to the boat," wrote Rinehart Taxidermy, who posted the incredible footage to Facebook. 


Capt. Adam Reckert and the owner of Good Hit Sportfishing, Mike Muldoon, were instrumental in the tagging and release of the big shark, which is reportedly standard protocol. All tag data is shared with NOAA and used to support the Apex Predator Program.

Rinehart Taxidermy said this was truly a special moment for the three fathers and their young kids, who named the shark Colfax Crusher. 

"The kids make what we do every day so special and the fact that they appreciated what they experienced is priceless."