12-foot, 1,600-pound great white shark pings off Florida coast

A massive great white was detected off the coast of Florida last week as spring break got underway in the Sunshine State. 

According to OCEARCH's Global Shark Tracker, great white shark Scot pinged off Key West, Florida several days ago. Scot measures just over 12-feet long and weighs in at a whopping 1,644 pounds!

"We met this mature, male shark in Nova Scotia in September 2021 and have been able to track him for over 10,000 miles since!" OCEARCH wrote on Facebook.
Scot was named by SeaWorld -- an OCEARCH partner -- after the people of Nova Scotia "who have always been so welcoming and committed to the science and health of our oceans."


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Scot is also the 74th great white shark tagged, sampled, and released by OCEARCH in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean.

According to its website, OCEARCH is a "global non-profit organization conducting unprecedented researchon our ocean's giants in order to help scientists collect previously unattainable data in the ocean."

Earlier this month, another large great white -- Maple -- pinged in the Gulf of Mexico. Maple was also a big one: she measured over 11-feet long and weighed over 1,200 pounds.