Massive shark rescued on Florida beach

Beachgoers came to the rescue after a massive shark was stranded on a Florida beach. A woman caught the dramatic scene on video as her husband and some other men worked to bring the shark back into the water.

Florida man comes face to face with shark

While surfing at a Volusia County beach, Mark Summerset came face to face with a shark. Literally. The surfer was bit across the face. While he needed over two dozen stitches, he's just happy to be alive to tell the story.

2 bitten by sharks at same FL beach • 2 brothers headstones vandalized at cemetery • FL couple drowned child

Two people were bitten by sharks at the same Florida beach on Labor Day, a family is devastated after two brothers' headstones were vandalized at an Apopka cemetery, a 5-year-old girl got back at a man accused of exposing himself to her by recording him, a Florida man was arrested for trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean from Florida to London in a hamster wheel, and a Winter Haven couple was arrested after a 6-year-old child was reportedly abused and drowned in their care: Here's FOX 35's Week in Review.

Shark bite victim ready to surf again

A shark bite survivor who was bitten at New Smyrna Beach is back on his feet. He's been homebound for over a month after a shark latched on to his foot while he was surfing in New Smyrna Beach

2 shark bites reported on Labor Day

Two people were bitten by sharks on the same Volusia County beach on Labor Day, according to officials. One woman was bitten in the foot, while a man was bitten in the hand.