Elon Musk sells $1M worth of 'Burnt Hair' fragrance

Billionaire Elon Musk said his Boring Company had sold over 10,000 bottles of a perfume called "Burnt Hair."

"With a name like mine, getting into the fragrance business was inevitable – why did I even fight it for so long!?" Musk tweeted on Tuesday, calling the product the "finest fragrance on Earth." 

"The essence of repugnant desire" is the website description of his latest offering, which sells for $100 per bottle. According to the company's website, it's "just like leaning over a candle at the dinner table, but without all the hard work."

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The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX jokingly asked people to buy his fragrance so he can afford to buy Twitter. Musk originally tried to walk away from the $44 billion deal that he agreed to in April. Twitter sued and Musk countersued before saying he intended to proceed with his original $54.20 per share offer to acquire the social media company pending debt financing and provided the Delaware Court of Chancery stays Twitter's lawsuit against him and adjourns the upcoming legal trial that was slated to begin on Oct. 17.

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The scent will be shipped to purchasers in the first quarter of 2023, according to the website.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk smiles as he addresses guests at the Offshore Northern Seas 2022 (ONS) meeting in Stavanger, Norway on August 29, 2022. (Photo by CARINA JOHANSEN/NTB/AFP via Getty Images)

Musk first touted the red-bottled perfume in September.

Previous endeavors include Boring Company hats and $500 flamethrowers.

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