Daytona Beach man put hand-made castle home up for sale

A castle built by hand in Daytona Beach is up for sale. 

The unique structure was a labor of love for a carpenter who came close to completing the project but now is looking for someone else to fulfill the dream. 

 "We just decided, why not a castle," said home builder Ricky Ginder. 

A stone castle of epic proportions located at 2821 Sauls Street is right in the middle of an ordinary neighborhood. Ginder started the project four years ago to create a home for his entire family. 

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"I’ve done everything I could here myself and with some help from some friends," said Ginder. "Pretty much everything from sun up to sundown."

Ginder devoted four to six hours a day on top of his day job as a carpenter to build the 4,000square-foot structure on two acres of land. 

The Disney-inspired castle includes a finished arch, stone towers and room inside for whatever one can dream. 

"Come to the front door. Here’s where the hidden ladder is that goes up on both sides. Just one of the things we did to make it like a castle," said Ginder. 

Although, Ginder can’t help but feel like maybe his dream was too big. The inside of the home is mostly empty. The bare walls inside a byproduct of the pandemic. His health also began to deteriorate and so did the families plans to move in. 

"It’s tough," said Ginder. "It’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I kind of almost feel like a failure to not complete it."

Ginder never thought he wouldn’t complete the project, but now he hopes someone else will. The house is priced $995,000. An investment he believes will quickly pay itself back once the vision is complete. 

"There is plenty of room to grow if it’s not enough," said Ginder. 

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