'Cursed' Central Florida highway ranked among 'most haunted' roads in the US: report

Traffic jams and accidents have long been the dread of Interstate-4 commuters, but now there's something even more spine-chilling to be spooked about. 

A new Halloween-themed report from RV Trader said a stretch of I-4 in Sanford is one of the most haunted roads in the country. They came to this conclusion by collecting accounts from these haunted areas all over the country, including some recitations from myths or legends. 

The stretch of I-4 in Sanford has been dubbed "The Dead Zone" because it's an area where people have reported electronics malfunctioning, cell phones losing service and mysterious orbs of light appearing, according to RV Trader. This could be because the area sits on remains of Saint Joseph's Colony, a town of Swedish immigrants. 

"A century after the entire community perished of yellow fever, the south end of the I-4 bridge was constructed over their graves," the report said. 

Websites like verylocal.com and roadtrippers.com have also dubbed this road "The Dead Zone," citing archives that say an actual grave site is believed to be located underneath I-4. 


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