Brevard County firefighters help rescue 200-pound turtle trapped under boardwalk at Melbourne Beach

Lt. Michael Reynolds, FireMedic Jason Bistarkey, and firefighter Brandon Fenex helped rescue a 200-pound turtle that was trapped under a boardwalk at Melbourne Beach. (Photo via Jason Bistarkey/Brevard County Fire Rescue Station 64) (FOX 35 Orlando)

Three members of Brevard County Fire Rescue's Station 64 helped an estimated 200-pound turtle make its way back to the Atlantic Ocean over the weekend.

A bystander noticed the turtle stuck under the boardwalk at Spessard Holland South Beach Park and knocked on the fire station's door to ask for help.

Firefighter Jason Bistarkey told FOX 35 in a Facebook message that the team drove their truck over to the boardwalk and found the turtle trapped beneath it.

"I crawled under there and tried to guide her by gently lifting her up by the front of her shell," he wrote. "She only had a narrow hole that she barely got through. Once I got her lined back up, she just needed a [little] push to get through."

He said in total it took the team about 10-15 minutes to rescue her.

A local turtle rescue group also showed up and made sure the turtle made it safely back to the water, he said.