Memorial Day weekend brings deadly rip currents to Central Florida beaches

It is the Memorial Day holiday weekend and many Central Floridians will be visiting area beaches, but this weekend comes with dangerous swimming conditions.

Northeast swells continue to impact the east coast of Florida causing a high risk of life-threatening rip currents on Friday and through the weekend.

On Thursday, there was one death associated with a rip current in Volusia County. Officials are advising beachgoers to stay in shallow water or avoid entering the water at all. The National Weather Service says to "think twice before entering the surf today."

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Rip currents are powerful channels of water flowing quickly away from the shore, and can sweep even strong swimmers into deep water.

If caught in a rip current:

  • Relax and float
  • If possible, swim in a direction following the shoreline until the current releases you

The rip current threat will be the highest during the changing tide cycles, going from high tide to low tide. This will occur over the weekend from late morning through 3 p.m. Friday into Memorial Day on Monday. Stay safe out there!