Disturbance swirling in Atlantic, expected to impact Florida's coast this week


The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a disturbance in the Atlantic Ocean that could impact Florida this week. 

Formation isn't likely, however. Forecasters said there's a 30% chance of formation as it approaches Northeast Florida by late Thursday or early Friday.

"It will come with some showers and storms. At this time, I think the risk of brief tornadoes is really hard to find," said FOX 35 Storm Team Meteorologist Noah Bergren. "Some gusty showers, though, and a brief increase in ambient winds from Daytona to Jacksonville are possible." 

Despite this, Melbourne's National Weather Service office reports that the area of showers and thunderstorms currently east of the Bahamas is expected to bring some showers and winds to the Florida coast as it approaches the southeast U.S. in the second half of this week. 

The NWS added that windy conditions are expected to persist, with the possibility of a few lightning storms in the afternoon. 

At the beach, forecasters said to expect large breaking waves and a high risk of rip currents. 

"Entering the waters is strongly discouraged," the NWS said. 

This isn't the only thing the National Hurricane Center is keeping an eye on. Potential Tropical Cyclone One, which is expected to become Tropical Storm Alberto later on Wednesday, is currently located in the Gulf of Mexico. Another broad area of low pressure could develop over soon-to-be Tropical Storm Alberto in the Gulf. There's a 40% chance of that happening in the next week.