Matt Trezza

Matt Trezza


From business to beaches, and from policy to pets, Matt loves the hustle and variety of news in central Florida. 

A New York native, Matt comes to FOX 35 after reporting and anchoring news broadcasts in Wyoming, northwest Ohio, and several years based overseas, covering international news in Europe and Asia. He also staffed several political campaigns, prior to launching his news career.

He holds a BA in international studies from Johns Hopkins and an MS in journalism from Columbia. While in college, Matt held internships at CBS News, CSPAN, Bloomberg News, and the United States Congress.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with family, keeping fit, writing, and traveling. 

The latest from Matt Trezza

Winter Park upgrades to state-of-the-art lightning detection system

People visiting Winter Park's Ward Park and, here, at MLK Park may wonder about the strange-looking antennae mounted atop some of the buildings there. They're part of the new ThorGuard TG360 warning system, letting people know when dangerous lightning is coming their way.

Dueling Dragon boats teams race in Orlando for a cause

Dragon boat teams raced Saturday at Lake Fairview Park, in Orlando. The event was organized by the Dueling Dragons, a group of dragon boat teams half-crewed by Orlando Police and Orange County Deputies.