Woman in Kissimmee reunited with support dog

Cell phone video captures the precious moments when Khaleesi, a Siberian Husky, runs back into the arms of her owner.

“I just run out the car, and I'm just like ‘Oh my God oh my God,’ I couldn’t believe that she’s here it was like it was literally a miracle,” said dog owner Connie Zuniga

The dogy, which is also an emotional support companion, had been missing for more than a week.

“It was the best birthday present I could ask for -- my birthday is Monday, so it’s like she’s back home,” Zuniga said.

Zuniga says a woman from another state spotted a Craigslist post – advertising a husky dog that had been found in Kissimmee – she called the number and they confirmed it was Khaleesi by the GPS device attached to the dog’s collar.   

“So they turned on her collar and it pinged to right where she was, and I'm like that is most definitely her, that her GPS, that’s her , that’s her,” Zuniga said.

Today – Khaleesi is back where she belongs – an early gift for her owner who says this precious pooch is much more than a pet.

“She’s always by my side and she’s like my companion so it’s kind of like she’s like a part of me because she always with me,” Zuniga said.